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Overseas Car Shipping | International Car Shipping | Export Cars from USA

Auto Export Group specializes in international cargo shipping from the US. At the moment, international car shipping is in high demand because cars from the USA cost much lower than their counterparts in Russia, Ukraine, and other CIS countries.  
Auto Export Group is happy to help you to ship cars by air, ocean, railroad, or trucks.
When you buy a car at the auction, we can check if the car is in the same condition as it was described on the website. After payment is received, a car will be delivered to the closest port. All documentation will be sent to the buyer by mail.
After the car arrives to the port, it will pass customs clearance and be loaded into 40 ft container which fits three to six cars, depending on size. Afterwards, the container is loaded on the ship and is on its way to the destination port.
After the arrival to the destination port, the car passes customs. In order to receive your car, you need to have the following documents with you: title, bill of sale, and bill of lading.