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Our Services - Auto Export Group International vehicle shipping services

Transportation capabilities of any business determine whether its foreign trade operations will be feasible and, in the end, successful. Ultimately, freight shipping needs to be economical; as such, it greatly depends on carefully developed logistics plan for delivering freight from a sender to a recipient. We offer the following shipping services, which can be used alone or in any other combination:  

Multimodal shipping

Multimodal shipping is one of the most convenient methods of freight transportation at great distances. Multimodal shipping—which includes ocean, truck, railroad, and air methods of transportation—is a unified transportation shipping system which allows to control and coordinate freight shipping from start to an end with no dependence on types of transportation and the number of people involved such as agents, transportation companies, shipping companies, and freight accompanying companies.

For example, you need to deliver a car from the USA to Russia. In this case, you will need to use various modes of shipping methods (ocean, railroad and truck) which will be controlled by a single transportation company at all points of shipping. Multimodal shipping enables the freight to travel at any distance.

Multimodal Method’s Benefits:

-   shorter shipping time;

-   cost effective as well as minimum possibility of damaging or losing the freight;

-   freight monitoring at any stage of delivery;

- Auto Export Group bears sole responsibility for freight and its delivery at all stages of shipping.

Ocean Shipping

Due to our well-established contacts with ocean transportation companies as well as our numerous and highly qualified agents at many ports, we offer competitive prices in the area of ocean shipping, with no price changes for the transportation within the agreed time period.

Most often, our clients want to ship cars, trucks, motor graders, boats, and motorcycles. Ocean shipping is ideal for these kinds of transportation. One of the main specializations of our company is international shipping from the USA.

We offer:

  • International ocean shipping in containers of all types;
  • delivery of a container to the sender’s warehouse and preparation of all necessary documents and customs clerance  at the departure port;
  • shipment tracking at all stages and arrival notices when the shipment arrives to the destination port;
  • change of destination address during the transportation;
  • packing, repacking, weighting, recounting, palletizing, crating and freight storage at the departure ports;
  • customs clearance of the freight and preparation of all the necessary transportation documentation;
  • surveying and stevedoring services.

Auto Export Group delivers your freight from the USA via the largest ocean shipping lines in shortest time possible and as cheap as possible to any destination in the world.

Auto Export Group has well-established contracts with many ocean transportation companies which weekly ship from the USA to the following destinations:

  • Netherlands (Amsterdam, Rotterdam);
  • Germany (Hamburg and Bremerhaven);
  • Poland (Gdynia and Gdansk);
  • Estonia (Tallinn);
  • Latvia (Riga);
  • Lithuania (Klaipeda);
  • Finland (Helsinki and Kotka);
  • Russia (St. Petersburg, Novorossiysk, Vladivostok, Petropavlovsk-Kamchatskiy, etc);
  • Ukraine (Odessa and Ilyichevsk);
  • Georgia (Poti);
  • and others.

LCL Cargo

We can ship any size cargo from the USA to any destination in the world. LCL (Less than Full Container Load) means that a container can have different senders’ shipments within the container  which are delivered to the same destination by the same transportation method.

Transportation of LCL is organized separately for each shipment, depending on its content, volume, and destination.

We offer full logistics services such as route optimization, warehouse handling of the shipment, all the necessary paperwork, and preliminary estimate of the shipment delivery cost to your warehouse.

At the same time, we can always suggest several shipping options to our clients, depending on your needs and among which you can freely choose. You will have total access to a timely and accurate information regarding your shipment at all stages of transportation.

We will help you to ship your freight internationally, no matter the size, from the USA and Canada to Russia and the rest of CIS countries, Germany, Finland, Italy, Australia, China, etc. Strict control, rigorous accounting of the shipments delivered to warehouses, round-the-clock security - those are the guarantees that your freight will be delivered on time and safely.

In addition, highly qualified personnel of Auto Export Group will always provide tight control over each stage of your freight shipping.

For a quick quote, please fill out online request form, call or text 310-806-7088 or send us an email to

Freight Security and Insurance

International shipping always carries some risks. For example, storms and other natural disasters can damage the freight during ocean transportation. The main purpose of Marine insurance is to guarantee that any possible loses or damages will be reimbursed to you.

We offer several types of Marine insurance:

  • total loss coverage
  • all risk marine insurance

When you purchase insurance coverage for the shipment, shipper/consignee can be reimbursed according to the policy purchased for any loss or damage occurred while your cargo was at the loading warehouse on en-route to the destination.

We only work with well-recognized and respected insurance companies that guarantee the provision of the best protection for their clients. In a case of an accident, insurance companies supply independent surveyors and emergency specialists in order to determine the causes of an accident and the losses suffered as a result of it. 

Afterwards—if the clauses which were agreed upon at the time you purchased insurance are met—you just need to report an accident, present all the necessary documentation, and receive your reimbursement.

Auto Export Group specialists are always here to provide detailed consultation to you regarding insurance choices and find the best option for you.