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Commercial Cargo Shipping

 International and Domestic Car Shipping

It can be time consuming and complicated to buy a car in the USA, especially if you decide to do it by yourself. The whole process will go much better and easier if you use Auto Export Group's services to help you!
Auto Export Group is an expert in vehicle shipping from the USA to Canada to Russia, China, Australia, Germany, Finland, Italy, etc

Before buying a car in the US, you need to check vehicle history report. For that, you need to know VIN number and then run a vehicle history report.
 We can check electronic databases using VIN number and see whether the car was in any kind of accident, how many people have owned it as well as obtain any additional information regarding this particular car from the USA.
All vehicles brought officially to the USA by the dealers or made in the country are registered in various computer databases of insurance and other companies connected to vehicle use within the country. You can always check VIN number of the car at website.
One of the most important aspects of buying a car from the USA is to obtain preliminary estimate of any possible repair work a car might (or might not) need.
Next important step is determining the time needed to ship the car within the United States. This process depends on many factors such as the time of the year, car’s initial location in the country and its proximity to major ports, and many other factors.
For example, about two weeks are needed in order to transport the car from one coast to another.
 Customs clearance takes about 5 days to process.
The shipping cost from the USA depends on whether we can consolidate several cars into one shipping container or whether we need to ship your car by itself in a 20' container. Usually, consolidation process might take anywhere from one to three weeks.
Mostly, cars shipped from the USA and Canada are loaded into 20, 40 and 45 ft. containers.
 After container is loaded, it is taken to the port , loaded on the ship to be delivered to the destination port.
Transit times vary, depending on origin and destination.

If you want to receive your car from the USA as soon as possible, we would recommend shipping it by air, it will be expensive but fast. Depending on destination it will take about 7-14 days.

Ocean shipping can take anywhere from one month to three, depending on the distance, ocean transportation company chosen for the shipping, and the destination point.
Auto Export Group specialists can quickly determine the best route for delivering your car in the shortest time period and as inexpensively as possible.
We also provide you with the container number where your car is in. This allows you to track the container at any time, which you can do by going to our website and clicking on “shipment tracking” section.
Insurance is not mandatory, but highly recommended. To learn more about insurance options, you can check “freight insurance” section on our website.
All the necessary documents such as: (a) title (b) bill of sale (c) bill of lading are sent to you by mail. These documents are sufficient to pick up a car at the port, pass customs, and register.