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Air Freight Shipping Services

Air transportation from the USA is the fastest and safest type of freight shipping. Your freight will be delivered in just a few days by air, which makes it the fastest method compared to ocean or truck shipping. Moreover, in some cases air shipping can be the only available and the most expedient way of transporting your car, motorcycle or any kind of cargo.
     Given our many years of experience and a mission to make all our clients happy, Auto Export Group can provide airfreight services for cars, trucks, SUVs, pickups, motorcycles and custom built vehicles from anywhere in the US to all major airports overseas. When we provide air shipping service, we only employ the most reliable and leading airlines, which guarantees incomparable quality, safety, and security of your freight.
Our air freight services include:
Contacting sellers, buyers, consignees in the US and overseas on your behalf and making necessary arrangements for shipping your vehicle by air;
Checking all necessary documents - title, bill of sale, commercial invoice, packing list;
Vehicle air freight preparation requirements for airfreight (maintaining allowable fuel level, disconnect batteries, alarm, etc)
Motorcycle air freight preparation requirements (draining the gas tank, fluids, crating, shrink-wrapping, etc)
Arranging pickup and delivery to any closest international airport throughout the country (enclosed vehicle carriers, open car carrier, flatbeds, exotic vehicles, antique cars, luxury cars, custom built vehicles, motorcycles, choppers, ATVs, snowmobiles, etc)
Vehicle customs clearance at the point of departure;
Preparing all necessary documents (dangerous goods declaration, commercial invoice and packing list)
In addition, we keep close contact with shippers, consignees, truckers, airlines to ensure timely and safe shipping of your cargo to its final destination.

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