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Cargo Insurance

High Seas. Theft. Fire. Collision. Auto Export Group provides all risk or total loss marine insurance which provides broad coverage for damage to goods shipped by air or sea. Cargo is covered from point of shipment, while it’s in transit– even when part of the journey is over land– until it reaches its destination.

Our insurance policy will cover most lawful shipments of goods, freight and merchandise. So long as you have an insurable interest in those goods, they’re good to go. Our insurance covers things other insurers may not, such as concealed damage that may occur during shipment, although there may be no apparent damage to the packaging, and sales representative samples.

When you have a covered loss, we access a network of international claims adjusters who can jump into action anytime, and anywhere in the world--which makes the claims process significantly easier.

Ocean Cargo Certificates 24/7

Of all the things that can go wrong when you ship cargo, there’s one that can really scuttle your business. Complex paperwork can sink your ability to deliver, damage client relationships and wreck your bottom line.